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Does Ace Hardware Make Keys? Key Duplication Services Reviewed

Does Ace Hardware Make Keys? Key Duplication Services Reviewed

So, does Ace Hardware make keys? The short response is, yes, we do! At Lowcountry Ace Hardware, we offer fast, efficient, and affordable key duplication services tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Snapshot of our Key Duplication Services:
– We offer key duplication for a variety of keys, including office, home, and automotive keys.
– A duplication process using an original as a template to create an exact replica.
– Quick and hassle-free service, taking five minutes or less!
– A wide selection of key blanks, available in both standard metal and unique designs.
– Proactive advice on keeping extra keys and secure storage options.

For anyone who’s had the inconvenient experience of misplacing their keys or just wants a spare copy for emergencies, our key duplication service is a lifesaver. Starting from patterned door keys to car keys and all in between, we’ve got you covered!

Involved in the activity is our key duplication machine which creates another version of your key using the original copy as a template. It’s a simple process involving two ports: one holding the original key, and the other holding a blank key. The machine’s blades work with precision, guided by the original template to etch into the blank key.

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Join us as we comprehensively dissect our key duplication services, highlighting the types of keys we can duplicate, the process, benefits, and so much more. So get ready to have all your key-related concerns addressed as you continue reading!

Overview of Key Duplication Services at Ace Hardware

At Lowcountry Ace, we’re committed to providing efficient and comprehensive key duplication services. Our aim is to help you avoid the inconvenience of lost or broken keys, and the potential cost and hassle of hiring a locksmith. So, does Ace Hardware make keys? The answer is a resounding yes!

Types of Keys Ace Hardware Can Duplicate

We can duplicate a wide variety of keys, including house keys, car keys, and padlock keys. Our services extend to both standard keys and automotive chip keys. Whether you need a regular key for your home or a transponder key for your car, our skilled team has the necessary equipment and expertise to help.

Equipped with a range of cylinder key blanks, we can create keys for many types of locks, including doors, padlocks, and cars. We also have barrel and bit blanks for more specialized needs. So, no matter the type of key you need duplicated, we’ve got you covered.

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The Process of Key Duplication at Ace Hardware

Our key duplication process is simple and efficient. It starts with the original key serving as a template. A key duplication machine holds the original key in one port, while a blank key is placed in another. The machine’s blades then use the original key as a guide to cut into the blank key.

Once the cutting is done, the machine polishes the new key, ensuring it’s smooth and ready to use. Depending on the type of key being duplicated, this whole process can take as little as five minutes.

In cases where the original key isn’t available, we may be able to cut a new key using different methods, although this can be more time-consuming.

At Lowcountry Ace, we understand the importance of having spare keys on hand. That’s why we offer quick and reliable key duplication services. Whether you need a key copied or a new one cut, our team is here to assist. Stay tuned to learn more about the benefits of our key duplication services and the types of car keys we can duplicate.

The Benefits of Key Duplication at Ace Hardware

Key duplication is an essential service for homeowners, car owners, and anyone who needs a spare set of keys. But the question often arises – does Ace Hardware make keys? We at Lowcountry Ace Hardware are pleased to confirm that we offer comprehensive key duplication services. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you choose us for your key duplication needs.

Cost-Effective Compared to Dealerships

One of the most significant advantages of choosing Ace Hardware for key duplication is cost-effectiveness. Dealerships can sometimes charge exorbitant fees for key duplication, especially for modern car keys with transponder chips. At Lowcountry Ace Hardware, we provide dealership quality at up to 50% savings, according to a nationwide survey of dealership pricing for model years through 2021. This means you can get a high-quality key duplication service without breaking the bank.

Variety of Key Blanks and Accessories

Another benefit of our key duplication service is the variety of key blanks and accessories we offer. Our selection of metal blank keys is wide and varied, accommodating different types of locks. We carry cylinder key blanks, which are the most common, as well as barrel and bit blanks. Additionally, our key blanks come with either plastic or metal heads, with plastic variations available in multiple colors for easy identification. Not to mention, we also have a range of key accessories like key chains, rings, and hiders to help keep your keys safe.

Prevents the Need to Rekey a House or Car

Finally, key duplication at Ace Hardware can save you the hassle and expense of rekeying your house or car. If you lose your keys, and you’re unsure if they were stolen, rekeying might seem like the safest option. But this can be a time-consuming and costly process. By duplicating your keys in advance and keeping them in a secure place, you can avoid this predicament. We also offer storage solutions for your spare keys, including durable, wall-mounted cabinets and smaller magnetic combination locks.

In conclusion, whether you’re wondering ‘does Ace Hardware make keys?’ or seeking a cost-effective, reliable key duplication service, Lowcountry Ace Hardware is your one-stop destination. Our expert team, led by Haiko de Poel, Jr, is ready to assist you with your key duplication needs, providing quality service in a timely manner. So why wait? Drop by our store today or explore our online services to get your keys duplicated.

Understanding Different Types of Car Keys

When it comes to car keys, it’s crucial to know the type you’re dealing with. Whether you’re needing a duplicate or replacement, understanding the different types of car keys can simplify the process for both you and our expert team at Lowcountry Ace. Let’s delve into the three most common types of car keys.

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Traditional Keys

Traditional Car Key - does ace hardware make keys

Traditional keys, often found with older car models, are the simplest keys out there. They are standalone keys, primarily made from steel, brass, or a combination of nickel and brass. Traditional keys don’t require special encoding to function and can be easily duplicated using a variety of key blanks.

Car Key Fobs

Car key fobs, commonly used with modern cars, are integral parts of a key set. They are equipped with an internal transmitter or remote and are key to keyless entry systems. These types of keys often require a programming process, involving a specific combination that would allow the transmitter to respond to your vehicle. This process varies depending on the year, make, and model of your car.

Laser-Cut Keys with Transponder Chips

Laser-Cut Car Key - does ace hardware make keys

Laser-cut keys, also known as sidewinder keys, are a bit more complex. They have slightly thicker shanks than basic keys and less carved out grooves. These keys are cut with a laser, making them more difficult to duplicate. Laser-cut keys also come equipped with built-in transponder chips. These chips need to be programmed for the specific vehicle, adding an extra layer of security.

At Lowcountry Ace, we’re equipped to handle a variety of key types, including these three most common ones. Visit our store or use our car finder tool online to find the best car key replacements for your make and model.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Key at Ace Hardware?

One of the questions we often get is, “how long does it take to make a key at Ace Hardware?” Well, the answer to this varies depending on the type of key you need.

Timeframe for Basic Key Duplication

For basic key duplication, the process is pretty quick and straightforward. Our experienced team at Lowcountry Ace can usually cut a basic car key in just a few minutes. We use a key duplication machine that creates another version of your key using the original as a template, ensuring an exact match. However, it’s important to note that the time required to cut a new key can depend on the complexity of the key and the availability of the equipment.

Timeframe for Car Key Fob Replacement

When it comes to car key fob replacements, the process can be a bit more complex and time-consuming. Modern car keys like fobs have unique transponder chips that may require programming. This process varies depending on the year, make, and model of your car, which can impact how long it takes for our team to get a key replacement into your hands. On average, a car key fob replacement could take up to an hour.

Regardless of your key needs, rest assured that our team at Lowcountry Ace is committed to providing efficient and reliable key replacement services. So whether you’re in need of a basic key duplication or a car key fob replacement, we’ve got you covered. Visit our store or contact us for more information about our key services.

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Can Ace Hardware Fix a Broken Key?

If you’ve found yourself with a broken key, don’t worry. At Lowcountry Ace Hardware, we offer services to handle this inconvenient situation. Whether you need a repair for a deadbolt or door knob, or need a re-keying service, we have the expertise and tools to get you back on track.

Services for Deadbolt or Door Knob Repair

Sometimes, the key isn’t the problem, it’s the lock itself. Whether it’s a deadbolt or a door knob, our team is equipped to handle repair and replacement services. Just bring in the problematic component to our store, and our expert team will assess the situation and provide a suitable solution. We prioritize both security and convenience, ensuring your locks function smoothly while keeping your premises secure.

Re-keying Services

If your key is damaged or lost, re-keying is an affordable alternative to changing your locks. Essentially, re-keying involves changing the internal workings of the lock to match a new key, allowing you to keep the original lock hardware. This is a cost-effective way to ensure security without the need for a complete lock replacement.

At Lowcountry Ace Hardware, we offer professional re-keying services that can help you maintain the integrity of your locks while changing your keys. This service can be completed swiftly by our team, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

In conclusion, the answer to “does Ace Hardware make keys” isn’t just a simple yes. We go beyond just key duplication, offering a range of services including repair and re-keying to cater to all your key and lock needs. For every key problem, there’s a solution at Lowcountry Ace Hardware.


In wrapping up this comprehensive review of key services at Lowcountry Ace Hardware, it’s safe to say that we are more than equipped to handle various key-related needs. From duplicating traditional house keys to handling more complex car key fobs, we offer a wide array of services to ensure you’re never locked out.

Not only do we answer the question “does Ace Hardware make keys?” with a resounding yes, we also take pride in offering these services with a level of expertise and convenience that sets us apart. Our goal is to provide a stress-free solution to lost or broken keys, and our key duplication process is designed to be quick and efficient, often completed in less than five minutes.

In addition, our extensive selection of key blanks and accessories means you can always find a key that fits your lock and your personal style, whether you prefer a standard metal key or a more decorative option. We believe in making key duplication a smooth and hassle-free process, providing peace of mind and security for your home or vehicle.

Also, we at Lowcountry Ace Hardware offer more than just key services. Whether you’re embarking on a DIY project, in need of home improvement supplies, or looking for outdoor and recreational gear, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide expert advice and assistance, ensuring a quality shopping experience every time.

Finally, we encourage you to explore the variety of services we offer at Lowcountry Ace Hardware, including Screen Repair Services, Propane Filling Services, and Tool and Equipment Rental Services. We are your one-stop shop for home improvement, always ready to meet your needs.

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