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Find Your Nearest Ace Hardware Store Location Today

Find Your Nearest Ace Hardware Store Location Today

When searching for an ‘ace hardware hardware store near me’, you’re not just looking for a store. You’re seeking a community hub where expertise meets convenience. Ace Hardware offers a wide range of home improvement products, from gardening supplies to power tools, all under one roof. But it’s their commitment to community focus and local convenience that sets them apart.

Ace Hardware stores are more than just hardware stores; they’re part of a cooperative movement that’s been serving communities since 1924. With a presence in over 70 countries, Ace Hardware combines global reach with a personal touch. Whether you’re tackling a DIY project or need professional advice, your local Ace is ready to help.

For customers in Charleston, South Carolina, especially around James Island and Folly Beach, finding your nearest Ace means accessing a wealth of knowledge and products tailored to your coastal lifestyle. From home repairs to outdoor adventures, Ace Hardware is your go-to destination.

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Why Choose Ace Hardware?

When you’re pondering over the question, “Where can I find an ace hardware hardware store near me?” there are compelling reasons to choose Ace Hardware as your primary destination. Here’s why:

Customer Service: At the heart of Ace Hardware’s ethos is a commitment to unparalleled customer service. Our staff doesn’t just work here; they’re enthusiastic about helping you tackle your projects, big or small. Whether it’s finding the right type of paint for your living room makeover or selecting the perfect garden tools, our team is ready to assist with advice and solutions.

Local Convenience: Unlike the sprawling warehouses of some big-box retailers, Ace Hardware stores are conveniently located in your community. This means less time driving to distant locations and more time getting your projects done. Plus, as each store is independently owned, they’re tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the local community.

Wide Product Range: Despite their smaller footprint, Ace Hardware stores pack a wide range of products, from basic hardware items to specialized tools and brands. Whether you’re in need of plumbing supplies, power equipment, or gardening tools, Ace has you covered. Our stores feature top brands like Stihl, Craftsman, and our exclusive line of Clark & Kensington paint.

In addition to these benefits, shopping at Ace Hardware means you’re supporting a local business that’s deeply involved in your community. From sponsoring local events to offering the SCHREINERS PLACE newsletter, we’re more than just a store; we’re your neighbors.

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So, next time you’re searching for an “ace hardware hardware store near me,” remember, choosing Ace means choosing a partner in your home improvement journey, offering exceptional customer service, convenience, and a wide selection of products to ensure your projects are a success.

Why go anywhere else when you have everything you need right around the corner at Ace Hardware?

Let’s dive into the specifics of finding your nearest Ace Hardware store and exploring the variety of services offered at our locations.

Finding Your Nearest Ace Hardware Store

Finding an Ace Hardware hardware store near me is a breeze, thanks to Ace Hardware’s user-friendly store locator, available both online and via the mobile app. Whether you’re in Columbus, OH, Charleston, SC, or anywhere else, you’re never too far from the quality service and products that Ace Hardware offers.

Store Locator Online and Mobile App

Simply head to the Ace Hardware website and click on the “Store Locator” link. Enter your zip code or city, and state, and select your desired search radius. Instantly, you’ll see a list of Ace Hardware stores in your area, complete with addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours. For those always on the move, the Ace Hardware mobile app provides the same convenience on your iOS or Android device.

Columbus, OH Locations

For our friends in Columbus, OH, Ace Hardware proudly serves your community with several locations. Each store is committed to providing exceptional customer service and a wide selection of hardware supplies, from plumbing needs to paint brands and much more.

Charleston, SC Highlight

In Charleston, SC, the Lowcountry Ace Hardware stands as a beacon for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Located at 1411 Folly Road, this store is strategically placed to be your go-to for all home improvement projects. Lowcountry Ace Hardware is renowned for its broad range of products and services, making it a key player in the community.

Why Choose Ace Hardware?

Choosing Ace Hardware means opting for convenience, service, and selection close to home. With our store locator tool and mobile app, finding the “closest Ace Hardware store near me” has never been easier. Plus, our locations in Columbus, OH, and Charleston, SC, highlight the diverse services and community focus that make Ace Hardware stand out.

Ace is more than just a hardware store; it’s a part of your community, dedicated to helping you succeed in all your home improvement endeavors. Visit us today and see why we’re known as the helpful place.

For more details and to find your nearest store, visit Ace Hardware Store Locator.

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Let’s delve into the array of services offered at Ace Hardware, showcasing why it’s your one-stop-shop for all home improvement needs.

Services Offered at Ace Hardware

When searching for an “ace hardware hardware store near me,” you’re not just finding a store; you’re discovering a hub of essential services designed to make your home improvement projects smoother and more enjoyable. Let’s break down what Ace Hardware has to offer.

Plumbing Needs

Ace Hardware understands the complexity and urgency of plumbing issues. From hard-to-find parts to modern fixtures, they have a comprehensive plumbing department. Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or tackling a plumbing repair, Ace has the supplies and expertise you need. King Minos’ Palace had one of the earliest flushing toilets back in 1700 BC, but Ace Hardware keeps you equipped with the latest in plumbing .

Paint Brands

Choosing the right paint can transform a room. Ace Hardware offers several brands of paint, including the exclusive Clark & Kensington. Whether you’re touching up a small area or taking on a full home renovation, the right color and finish are waiting for you. Plus, Ace’s paint department is ready to guide you through your project with tips and tools.

Rental Departments

Why buy when you can rent? Many Ace Hardware stores offer tool rental services, providing you with access to high-quality tools for any project without the full investment. From power washers to lawn mowers, get the job done right with professional equipment.

Stihl Equipment & Craftsman Tools

For those who prefer to own their tools, Ace Hardware offers an extensive selection of Stihl power equipment and Craftsman tools. Whether you’re maintaining your garden or working on a DIY project, these top-tier brands bring reliability and precision to your work.

Home Delivery

In today’s busy world, convenience is key. Ace Hardware offers home delivery services, bringing your purchases directly to your doorstep. Whether it’s a bulky item or a collection of small necessities, Ace ensures you get what you need without the hassle.

Ace Hardware - ace hardware hardware store near me

At Ace Hardware, the goal is to be your helpful place for all home improvement needs, offering a suite of services that make your projects easier to manage and more enjoyable to complete. From plumbing to painting, tool rental to home delivery, Ace has you covered. Next time you’re looking for an “ace hardware hardware store near me,” remember, you’re not just finding a store; you’re finding a partner in your home improvement journey.

Moving forward, let’s explore how Ace Hardware not only provides exceptional services but also focuses on the community and customers, making it more than just a hardware store.

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For more insights and to locate the nearest Ace Hardware to your location, don’t forget to use the Ace Hardware Store Locator.

Community and Customer Focus at Ace Hardware

When you’re typing ‘ace hardware hardware store near me’ into your search bar, you’re not just finding a place to buy a hammer or a can of paint. You’re discovering a hub of community and customer focus that makes each visit feel like you’re stepping into a friendly neighbor’s home.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Ace Hardware, the commitment to exceptional customer service isn’t just a promise; it’s a practice. Whether you’re a DIY newbie or a seasoned pro, the staff at Ace are ready to assist with advice, support, and a smile. They’ve built their reputation on being “the Helpful Place,” and it shines through in every interaction.

Community Sponsorship

Ace Hardware’s dedication to community extends beyond the store walls. From sponsoring local charity events to supporting neighborhood projects, Ace understands that a strong community is the foundation of a successful business. They’re not just selling tools and paint; they’re investing in the health and happiness of their neighborhoods.


One of the exciting ways Ace Hardware connects with the community is through the SCHREINERS PLACE newsletter. This quarterly publication is more than just a catalog of products; it’s a collection of stories, tips, and projects from customers like you. By sharing your project successes, you’re inspiring others and becoming part of a larger DIY community. Interested in contributing? Reach out and share your story. It’s a fantastic way to show how Ace Hardware products help bring visions to life.

When you’re looking for an ‘ace hardware hardware store near me,’ you’re seeking out a place where your needs are met with expertise and a smile, where your projects receive support, and where you’re considered part of a community. Ace Hardware stands out not just for the products they sell but for the relationships they build and the communities they nurture.

For more insights and to locate the nearest Ace Hardware to your location, don’t forget to use the Ace Hardware Store Locator.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ace Hardware

Is Ace Hardware less expensive than Home Depot?

When comparing prices, it’s important to look at more than just the tag. Ace Hardware may offer competitive prices on many items, especially when you consider their frequent sales, promotions, and Ace Rewards program benefits. While some items might be less expensive at Home Depot, Ace Hardware prides itself on exceptional customer service and convenience, which for many shoppers, adds significant value.

What does Ace stand for in Ace Hardware?

“Ace” in Ace Hardware does not stand for anything specific. The name was chosen to convey a sense of being top in quality and service. When Ace Hardware was founded in 1924, the name symbolized a place where customers could find high-quality hardware products and receive top-notch, knowledgeable service.

Is True Value the same as Ace Hardware?

No, True Value and Ace Hardware are not the same. Both are cooperatives of independently owned hardware stores, but they operate as separate entities. Each has its own set of store locations, brand partnerships, and store cultures. However, they share a similar mission: to provide quality products, expert advice, and friendly customer service to their communities.

For anyone looking to find an “ace hardware hardware store near me,” remember, Ace Hardware is more than just a store. It’s a place where you’re considered part of a community. Ace Hardware stands out not just for the products they sell but for the relationships they build and the communities they nurture.

For more insights and to locate the nearest Ace Hardware to your location, don’t forget to use the Ace Hardware Store Locator.


In wrapping up, it’s clear why Ace Hardware has become the go-to choice for many looking for an “ace hardware hardware store near me”. It’s not just about the convenience of local shopping; it’s about the comprehensive service and the deep-rooted community involvement that sets Ace Hardware apart.

Local Shopping Experience
At Ace Hardware, the local shopping experience is unmatched. You’re not just another customer; you’re a neighbor. Each visit offers personalized service that big-box retailers simply can’t match. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice, help you find the perfect product for your project, and even share some tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way.

Comprehensive Service
Our stores are more than just hardware stores. They are a hub for all your home improvement needs, offering an extensive range of products from the best brands, such as Stihl and Craftsman, and services that make your life easier. From plumbing to paint, rental departments to home delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Community Involvement
Ace Hardware’s commitment to community goes beyond providing excellent customer service. We’re actively involved in local events, sponsorships, and donations, helping to support and grow our neighborhoods. Our SCHREINERS PLACE newsletter is just one way we connect and contribute to our community, sharing stories, projects, and successes of those around us.

Choosing Ace Hardware means more than just shopping for home improvement supplies. It’s about supporting a business that cares deeply for its customers and their communities. It’s about enjoying a shopping experience where you’re considered part of a family.

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For those who value these connections as much as we do, we invite you to learn more about us and discover the difference for yourself. To locate your nearest Ace Hardware and become part of our community, visit our service page.

Thank you for considering Ace Hardware. Together, let’s build stronger, more connected communities.

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