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Need a Spare? How to Copy Your House Key at Ace Hardware

Need a Spare? How to Copy Your House Key at Ace Hardware


When you need a spare key for your house, Ace Hardware house key copy services have you covered! Ace Hardware offers quick and reliable key cutting to ensure you always have a backup for your home. Here’s a quick answer for those in a rush:

  • Single-sided keys: $1.50 to $2.75
  • Double-sided keys: $2.50 to $4.00
  • Code-cut keys: Around $5.00
  • Chip car keys: $8.00

One customer review on even noted, “It cost me anywhere from $2 to $5 to duplicate a key.”

Ace Hardware operates in all 50 states, including right here in Charleston, SC. Known for their knowledgeable staff and quality products, Ace Hardware also provides professional locksmith services, making it a convenient option for all your key copying needs.

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Keep reading to learn more about why Ace Hardware is the best choice and how easy it is to get your house key copied.

Why Choose Ace Hardware for Your Key Copying Needs

When you need a house key copy, Ace Hardware is a top choice for several compelling reasons:

Professional Service

At Ace Hardware, you can count on professional service every time you visit. Our team is trained to handle all types of key duplication requests with precision and care. We use state-of-the-art machines that ensure each key is cut accurately. This means you can trust that your new key will work perfectly the first time.

“The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is always ready to assist with expert advice and friendly service,” says a satisfied customer.

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Wide Variety of Blanks

Ace Hardware offers a wide variety of key blanks to suit different types of locks. Whether you need a standard house key, a decorative key, or a key for a padlock, we have you covered. This variety ensures that you can get all your key copying done in one place.

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From basic house keys to more complex keys with chips, we store a comprehensive selection to meet all your needs. This makes Ace Hardware a one-stop shop for all your key duplication needs.

Quick Process

We understand that needing a duplicate key often comes with a sense of urgency. That’s why Ace Hardware has streamlined the key copying process to be as quick and efficient as possible. Most key duplications take just a few minutes, so you can get in and out without a long wait.

“I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. The service was quick and the key worked perfectly,” said a customer on

Competitive Pricing

Affordability is another reason to choose Ace Hardware for your key copying needs. Our prices are competitive, making us a budget-friendly option. For example, a single-sided key can cost between $1.50 to $2.75, while a double-sided key ranges from $2.50 to $4. Decorative keys and chip keys are also reasonably priced.

“Orchards Ace Hardware charges $1.49 for standard keys and $1.99 for double-sided keys,” according to their official website.

Reliable Quality

The quality of keys cut at Ace Hardware is top-notch. Unlike some automated machines that can sometimes fail, our keys are hand-cut by skilled technicians. This hands-on approach allows us to ensure each key is made to the highest standard.

“From working at Ace Hardware for 2 years, I can say the quality must be good—we rarely get returns on keys,” shared a former employee.

By choosing Ace Hardware for your key copying needs, you benefit from professional service, a wide variety of key blanks, a quick process, and competitive pricing.

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Next, let’s explore the types of keys Ace Hardware can duplicate.

Types of Keys Ace Hardware Can Duplicate

When you need a key copied, Ace Hardware has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the types of keys we can help you with:

Standard Keys

Standard house keys are the most common type. Whether you need a duplicate for a new roommate, a family member, or just a spare, Ace can quickly and accurately copy your key. The process is straightforward and usually takes just a few minutes. We also offer a variety of designs, from plain to decorative, to add a bit of personality to your keychain.

Chip Keys

Chip keys (also known as transponder keys) are often used in newer car models. These keys contain a small chip that communicates with your car’s ignition system. If the codes match, the car starts. Ace Hardware can not only cut these keys but also program the chip to work with your vehicle. This service is typically much cheaper than going to a dealership.

Padlock Keys

Need an extra key for your padlock? No problem. Padlock keys are another type of key we frequently duplicate. Whether it’s for a gym locker, a storage unit, or a backyard shed, having an extra key can come in handy. Just bring your original key to Ace, and we’ll make a perfect copy.

Automotive Keys

Automotive keys can be complex, especially with newer models that use laser-cut keys or key fobs. Ace Hardware can handle a variety of car keys, from traditional ignition keys to more sophisticated ones. A helpful team member will ensure the new key is cut and programmed correctly, so it works seamlessly with your vehicle.

“Most keys can be programmed in minutes, and there’s no additional cost for programming,” says a representative from Lowcountry Ace.

By offering a wide range of key types, Ace Hardware ensures that you can find the perfect replacement or duplicate for your needs. Whether it’s a simple house key or a complex car key, our team is equipped to help you promptly and efficiently.

Next, let’s look at how to get your house key copied at Ace Hardware.

How to Get Your House Key Copied at Ace Hardware

Getting your house key copied at Ace Hardware is a simple and quick process. Here’s how you can do it:

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Visit the Store

First, head to your local Ace Hardware store. The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is always ready to assist you.

Select the Key Blank

Once you’re at the store, bring your original key. The staff will help you choose the right blank key that matches your original. Ace Hardware offers a wide variety of key blanks, ensuring a perfect match for almost any house key.

Key Cutting Process

After selecting the right blank, the key cutting process begins. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Alignment: The original key and the blank are placed into the key duplicator machine. Proper alignment is critical to ensure an accurate copy.

  2. Duplication: The machine then traces the shape of the original key onto the blank. This part is fascinating to watch as the cutter swiftly carves out the necessary shape.

  3. Testing: After the key is cut, the staff will often test it to make sure it works perfectly in your lock.

Ace Hardware’s advanced key duplicator machines ensure a precise cut every time. And if there are any issues, they offer a refund or exchange policy. Just bring back the key, and they’ll cut you a new one at no additional cost.

By following these simple steps, you can get a high-quality house key copy at Ace Hardware in just a few minutes.

Cost of Copying a House Key at Ace Hardware

Getting a house key copied at Ace Hardware is not only convenient but also affordable. Here’s a breakdown of the costs you can expect:

Single Sided Key

A single sided key, which is cut on only one side, is the most basic type of key. The cost for duplicating a single sided key at Ace Hardware ranges from $1.50 to $2.75. This type of key is commonly used for standard residential locks.

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Double-Sided Key

If you need a double-sided key, which is cut on both sides for added security, the price is slightly higher. You can expect to pay between $2.50 to $4 for duplicating a double-sided key. These keys are often used in more secure residential locks.

Code-Cut Key

For a code-cut key, which is created using a specific code rather than duplicating an existing key, the cost is about $5 for a house key. Code-cut keys are typically used when a precise duplication is required, such as for high-security locks.

Decorative Keys

If you want to add a bit of flair to your keychain, Ace Hardware also offers decorative keys. These keys come in various colors and designs. The price for a decorative key is around $2.99. It’s a small extra cost for a key that stands out and is easy to identify.

Summary Table

Key Type Cost Range
Single Sided Key $1.50 – $2.75
Double-Sided Key $2.50 – $4.00
Code-Cut Key Around $5.00
Decorative Key Around $2.99

Extra Costs

While the basic key duplication services are quite affordable, there are a few additional costs to consider:

  • Customized Designs: Some keys come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, which may cost extra.
  • Key Identifiers: These are optional but useful devices that slide over the top of the key in different colors to help you tell your keys apart.

By knowing these costs upfront, you can easily budget for your key duplication needs. Plus, the helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is always available to assist with any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ace Hardware House Key Copy

Do Ace Hardware Stores Offer Key Cutting for Car Keys with Chips?

Yes, Ace Hardware stores can cut car keys, including those with chips. These chip keys, also known as transponder keys, require specialized equipment to program the chip inside the key. The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace can program these keys, ensuring they work seamlessly with your vehicle.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Key Copy at Ace Hardware?

For standard house keys, the process is quick and straightforward. Using a key duplicator machine, the original key is positioned on one side and a blank key on the other. The machine then cuts the blank key to match the original.

Time required: Just a few minutes.

For car keys with chips, the process is more involved. The programming can take up to an hour, depending on the year, make, and model of your car. The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace uses specialized equipment to sync the new key fob with your vehicle.

Can Ace Hardware Copy “Do Not Duplicate” Keys?

Legal Considerations: Copying keys marked “Do Not Duplicate” (DND) is a gray area. In most cases, these keys can be duplicated without legal repercussions. However, some keys, like Post Office Box keys or pay telephone keys, are illegal to copy.

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Locksmith Services: The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace always explains the implications of copying DND keys to customers. They maintain a logbook with the name and ID of the person requesting the key copy, ensuring transparency and accountability.

For more information on key cutting and programming services, visit your local Lowcountry Ace Hardware store.


At Lowcountry Ace, we take pride in offering top-notch products and services to our community. Whether you need to copy a house key, get a new set of tools, or tackle a home improvement project, we’ve got you covered.

Our ace hardware house key copy service is designed to be quick, reliable, and hassle-free. Our experienced team uses high-quality key blanks and state-of-the-art machines to ensure your key works perfectly every time. We understand the importance of security and convenience, and our goal is to make sure you leave our store with a smile.

But it’s not just about keys. At Lowcountry Ace, you’ll find a wide range of quality products, from hand tools and power tools to plumbing and electrical supplies. Our shelves are stocked with everything you need for your DIY projects or professional work.

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We also offer valuable services like key cutting, paint mixing, and equipment rentals. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you with expert advice and friendly service.

The next time you need a key copied or any other hardware needs, think of Lowcountry Ace. We’re here to make your life easier and your projects successful.

For more information on our services and products, visit our Lowcountry Ace Hardware page. We look forward to serving you!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or visit your local Lowcountry Ace store today.

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