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Magnolia Home Paint by Joanna Gaines

Enhance Your Space with Timeless Magnolia Home Paint Colors

Enhance Your Space with Timeless Magnolia Home Paint Colors

Are you looking to bring the modern farmhouse elegance of Magnolia Home into your living spaces? The Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint Collection blends style and practicality, offering over 150 colors to infuse your home with comfort and class. Find out how these durable, easy-to-apply paints can elevate any room, align with your unique design taste, and stand the test of time.

Key Takeaways

  • The Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint Collection offers a curated selection of 150 colors, promoting a blend of neutrals and warm hues for a timeless and stylish home aesthetic. It is available in various finishes and supported by knowledgeable staff at retailers like Lowcountry ACE Hardware Store.
  • Magnolia Home Interior Paints not only add beauty with their timeless shades but also provide durability and protection against stains and wear due to their partnership with KILZ Brand, enhanced with a lifetime limited warranty, and include special finishes like Chalk Style for vintage effects.
  • The Market Collection, exclusively at Lowe’s and curated by Joanna Gaines, features a palette of 25 complementary colors designed to create a harmonious home atmosphere. At the same time, Magnolia Home Exterior Paints offer long-lasting protection and beauty for home exteriors.

Discover the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint Collection

Variety of paint cans in different colors and finishes

Immerse yourself in the modern farmhouse chic offered by the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint Collection. With a curated array of 150 colors, this collection is a testament to Joanna’s vision of a stylish and timeless home. Whether you’re looking to create a serene retreat or a vibrant gathering space, these paints offer a substantial family of neutrals complemented by warm hues that invite harmony and balance into every room.

This collection’s color palette is designed to inspire and transform any space.

Envision a palette where off-white Ivory walls set the stage for deep blue-toned Blackboard accents or where the warm honey yellow of Carter Crème adds a touch of luxuriant sunshine to your space.

Magnolia Home Paints are crafted to cater to the user’s needs, offering easy application, swift drying times, and striking durability. From the inviting light gray Cupola to the comfortable creaminess of Shiplap, each color in the collection is a carefully chosen character in the story of your home.

For those keen on testing these shades in their surroundings, the 8 oz. Perfect Palette Sampler serves as an excellent initial step, enabling a preview of the paint’s full potential before complete commitment.




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A Palette for Every Room

Regardless of the room, the Magnolia Home Collection provides a matching palette. From dark dining rooms bathed in nostalgia to bright and airy family kitchens with neutral tones, a perfect shade is waiting to be discovered. Imagine a beach-inspired retreat with walls in Sunday Stroll, a warm neutral gray, paired with muted blues or greens to craft a space that feels rustic and refreshed.

Available finishes such as Matte, Eggshell, and Satin provide a spectrum of sheens to suit any aesthetic, ensuring that whether it’s the walls of a bedroom or the cabinets of a bathroom, there is a Magnolia Home paint finish ready to enhance the beauty of your interiors.

Finishes for Every Surface

Magnolia Home paint goes beyond merely covering your walls—it amplifies the beauty of every surface it graces with a durable finish. Each finish is meticulously crafted for specific applications, from siding to trim, from windows to doors. Choose from a range of finishes that include:

  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Chalk-Style

Our team can easily express and adapt to meet the demands of any project, ensuring a refresh in our approach when needed.

Magnolia Home offers the flexibility needed to realize your vision, whether you want to conceal surface flaws with a flat sheen or choose the enhanced durability and dirt resistance of satin and semi-gloss.

Shop Magnolia Home at Lowcountry ACE Hardware Store


If you reside in Charleston, South Carolina, look no further than the Lowcountry ACE Hardware Store on James Island at the Riverland Market for your Magnolia Home needs. Step into a world where the perfect paint color awaits, alongside a selection of applicators designed to ensure a professional finish with every stroke.

Not only can you find the full range of interior and exterior paints, but you’ll also discover a team of experts ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you leave with everything needed to transform your space.

Timeless Style with Magnolia Home Interior Paints

Illustration of a classic farmhouse interior painted in Magnolia Home colors

There’s something to be said about a paint that transcends trends to offer a classic, enduring appeal. Magnolia Home Interior Paints do just that, providing timeless colors like Soft Landing that contribute to a warm, welcoming living room ambiance. These paints transcend mere color; they facilitate the creation of spaces that resonate with you, serving as canvases for your most cherished moments.

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Interior design is crucial in how these colors transform a space, making it both stylish and functional.

With finishes tailored for every room, from the matte tranquility of a bedroom to the durable satin of a bustling kitchen, Magnolia Home ensures that every interior surface reflects your style with grace and ease. Beyond beauty, these paints are designed for exceptional coverage, hiding imperfections and creating a seamless backdrop for your life’s story.

Premium Quality for Walls and Trim

Quality transcends mere luxury regarding walls and trim—it’s essential. Thanks to the partnership with KILZ Brand, Magnolia Home interior paints are engineered with advanced stain-blocking technology, delivering unparalleled durability that stands the test of time.

The peace of mind that comes with a lifetime limited warranty is matched only by the ease of maintaining your painted surfaces’ clean, crisp appearance, which are resistant to the daily wear of dirt, grime, and mildew.

With Magnolia Home, your walls and trim aren’t just painted; they’re protected, ensuring that the beauty of your home endures.

Chalk Style for Vintage Flair

For those seeking the charm of yesteryear, Magnolia Home’s Chalk Style paint is the perfect medium to bring vintage flair into the modern home. With a quick-drying formula that simplifies application, this paint adds warmth and softness, evoking the age and character of an antiqued finish.

Whether it’s an heirloom piece or a thrift store find, Chalk Style paint transforms furniture and decorative items into beautiful things that tell a story—a storyless style and classic beauty that only Magnolia Home can convey.

The Market Collection: Curated by Joanna Gaines

Cozy living room painted with colors from the Market Collection

Nestled within the broader Magnolia Home Paint Collection lies a gem: The Market Collection. Curated by Joanna Gaines herself, this palette of 25 colors is a masterclass in design simplicity, aimed at warming hearts and homes with every shade. From the deep gray tones of Silverado Sage to the soft embrace of Rainy Days, each color is a signature hue, ready to transform your space into a haven of comfort.

Designed with the ease of color coordination in mind, the Market Collection invites you to craft a home atmosphere that feels not only inviting but also deeply personal. Exclusive to Lowe’s, these 25 curated colors represent Joanna’s vision of a space where every hue plays a part in the symphony of your home’s design.

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Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere

The art of crafting the perfect atmosphere within the home lies in the subtlety of color selection. With the Market Collection, Joanna Gaines offers a palette of 25 handpicked hues, each designed to create spaces that welcome, comfort, and inspire.

From the grounding warmth of earth tones to the uplifting brightness of pastels, Magnolia Home paint colors are more than just a choice—they express the life you want to live and the feelings you wish to evoke within your walls.

Combining Colors for Harmony

Achieving harmony in your home’s color scheme is like composing a melody where every note has its place. The Market Collection’s complementary colors are crafted to mix and match seamlessly, allowing you to weave together a tapestry of tones that resonates with your unique design aesthetic.

Whether you pair warm and cool shades for depth and contrast or select colors based on the room’s intended atmosphere, the Market Collection empowers you to create spaces as harmonious as they are beautiful.

Wood Stains to Enhance Natural Beauty

Illustration of wooden furniture with different shades of Magnolia Home wood stains

The allure of natural wood possesses timeless appeal, and Magnolia Home’s wood stains aim to highlight and honor this beauty in its diverse forms. From the cozy warmth of Little Goose to the rich depth of Aged Leather, this collection of 12 stain colors offers a range of options to suit any interior wood surface.

Whether you’re looking to add character to a piece of furniture or bring out the natural grain of your home’s woodwork, these stains provide a perfect shade that complements the wood and brings your vision to life. And with easy application and quick-drying properties, your next project will surely express the essence of what makes your home unique.

Choosing Your Stain Shade

Choosing your wood stain shade is a moment to reflect on the story you want your wood surfaces to tell. With 12 classic colors handpicked by Joanna Gaines, you will surely find the perfect hue to imbue your interior with the warmth and richness it deserves.

Application Made Easy

When it comes to application, Magnolia Home wood stains are a revelation. Their thicker, water-based formula allows for greater color control, ensuring that even first-time DIYers can easily achieve professional results.

With a formulation designed to cover with just one coat, your project is beautiful andalso efficiently brought to life.

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Transforming Exteriors with Magnolia Home


The transformative potential of paint extends beyond the interiors of our homes. Magnolia Home Exterior Paints are engineered to endure the elements, providing long-lasting protection against peeling, cracking, and blistering, ensuring that your home’s facade remains as vibrant and inviting as the day it was painted.

With advanced fade resistance and UV protection, these paints are formulated to withstand the sun’s harsh rays, maintaining their beauty and integrity season after season. Whether you’re coating siding, trim, or doors, Magnolia Home Exterior Paints offers the flexibility and ease needed to revitalize your home’s exterior, making every return to your abode a moment to cherish.

Premium Exterior Paints for Lasting Impressions

First impressions endure, and Magnolia Home Exterior Paints guarantees your home leaves a first impression marked by flawless style and elegance. Suitable for an array of surfaces, these paints are crafted to resist dirt, making maintenance a breeze and preserving the pristine look of your home for years to come.

Magnolia Home offers a range of finishes designed to cater to the unique needs of each material, providing a tailored approach to exterior painting. The finishes are available for:

  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Vinyl siding

This versatile range of finishes is not only beauty beautiful and lasting results for your home’s exterior.

Colors to Complement Nature

In the dance between your home and its surroundings, Magnolia Home paints are the perfect partners. They are formulated with fade-resistant properties that ensure the color you choose today is the one you’ll love for years.

Selecting hues that harmonize with the natural environment creates a seamless transition between your home’s exterior and the beauty of nature, making every glance out your window a moment of joy.

Where to Shop Magnolia Home Paint Products

The quest for the ideal paint color is an adventure, with Magnolia Home paint products ready to be unearthed at Ace Hardware and Lowe’s. Whether searching for a specific hue or exploring the vast array of colors and finishes, your local Ace Hardware store is a treasure trove of home decor options.

At Lowe’s, the exclusive Magnolia Home collection curated by Joanna Gaines offers 150 unique colors designed with every room in mind. This collection ensures that your home’s narrative is beautifully and authentically told. From cabinetry to furniture, it is a testament to the power of paint to transform a space.

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Ace Hardware: Your Local Destination

For a shopping experience that’s both convenient and comprehensive, look no further than Ace Hardware. With a wide selection of Magnolia Home paint colors, you can easily find the hue that speaks to you and your home’s story.

Ace Hardware provides the paints and offers home decor and renovation accessories to complement your painting project, making it a one-stop shop for all your home improvement needs.

Lowe’s Exclusive Collection

Lowe’s stands out as the exclusive home of the Market Collection, where 150 carefully chosen colors await to add character and warmth to every corner of your abode. Curated by Joanna Gaines, this collection celebrates color, offering a spectrum of shades that cater to any design preference and bring each room’s story to vibrant life.

From the softest pastels to the most dramatic accents, Lowe’s exclusive Magnolia Home collection is a palette designed for the discerning homeowner who seeks quality and beauty in their paint selection.

Painting Tips and Tricks for Professional Results

Armed with the correct tips and tricks, achieving a paint job with a professional touch is within your grasp.

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint is a tool that can help you reach that level of timeless and homey feel.

Prepping Your Space

Preparing well before the initial brushstroke is the key to a perfect paint job. Here are some essential steps to follow:

  1. Protect trim work and non-paintable areas.
  2. Address any surface imperfections to ensure a smooth application of paint.
  3. Clean the room and furniture to ensure a pristine finish free of dust and debris.

By following these steps, you can achieve a professional-looking paint job.

Hardware should be removed from furniture, and areas not intended for paint should be shielded with newspaper and painter’s tape. This will set the stage for a clean and professional look that will truly make your Magnolia Home paint shine.

Techniques for Even Coats

When applying Magnolia Home paint, follow these steps for a smooth and consistent finish:

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  1. Use a foam roller for large surfaces and a paintbrush for corners and edges.
  2. Apply thin coats of paint to avoid streaks.
  3. Thoroughly mix and blend tins, especially with heavily pigmented dark paints, to ensure color uniformity.

By following these tips, you can achieve a professional-looking paint job with Magnolia Home Paint.

Starting from the top corner and working your way down in sections, remember to keep a wet edge to prevent drips and lines. Paint’s flat sheen is designed to minimize imperfections, aiding you in achieving that smooth, even coat your home deserves. With Magnolia Home, even the most ambitious DIY project can look like a seasoned professional did it.


As we come to tendney through the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint Collection, it’s clear that whether you’re transforming a room, a piece of furniture, or the entire exterior of your home, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. With an array of timeless paint colors, finishes, and wood stains, Magnolia Home empowers you to create spaces that reflect your taste, tell your story, and stand the test of time. Embrace the opportunity to make your home a masterpiece of modern farmhouse style with Joanna Gaines as your guide and Magnolia Home as your palette.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of finishes are available with Magnolia Home paint?

Magnolia Home Paint offers a variety of finishes such as Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Chalk-Style, catering to different applications and aesthetic choices. Choose the finish that best suits your needs and style.

Can I test Magnolia Home paint colors before purchasing more significantly?

Yes, you can test Magnolia Home paint colors with the 8 oz. Perfect Palette Sampler before making a more significant purchase to ensure the shade is the right fit for your home.

Are Magnolia Home paints suitable for both interior and exterior use?

Yes, Magnolia Home paints are suitable for both interior and exterior use, with specific formulations designed to meet the demands of each surface and environment.

Where can I purchase Magnolia Home paint products?

Magnolia Home paint products are available at Lowcountry ACE Hardware Store in Charleston, South Carolina, Ace Hardware stores, and Lowe’s. Each location offers a range of colors and finishes.

Does Magnolia Home offer any products for wood staining?

Yes, Magnolia Home offers a selection of 12 timeless wood stain colors to enhance the natural beauty of interior wood surfaces.

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