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Get the Ace Rewards App – and start saving! Download now and experience the perks. You’ll earn points for every dollar spent at Ace stores or on online purchases. Plus, get exclusive deals and discounts. Redeem points for reward certificates to maximize your savings. And, it’s free to use. Don’t miss out! Download the Ace Rewards App now – and make loyalty programs great again!

Benefits of the Ace Rewards App

To access the full potential of the Ace Rewards App, discover the benefits of its features, including the loyalty program, exclusive deals and discounts, easy access to account information and a personalized experience. These sub-sections offer solutions that cater to your needs and preferences in the most convenient way possible.

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Loyalty Program

Ace Rewards is the free program to gain goodies from shopping at Ace Hardware stores. Customers get special offers and discounts from the app or email. They also get early access to sale events! This program started in 1996 and now has 5 million members in the US. Get the best savings with Ace Rewards App and make your wallet smile!

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

For Ace Rewards App users, amazing deals and discounts await! These offers can only be accessed by members, so non-users are missing out! Here’s 5 ways Ace Rewards App provides its users with exclusive deals and discounts:

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      • Special pricing on products.

      • Push alerts about limited-time sales and promotions.

      • Priority access to new products before non-Ace Members.

      • Coupons for exclusive products and services, online or in-store.

      • Easy access to reward points balance for future purchases.

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    Ace Rewards App also tailors its benefits for customers. Surveys and store events offer promotional codes, making the app even more unique. To get the most out of your membership, check notifications for offers and sales. Explore the app for tailored discounts. And stay updated on your points balance! With these tips, you’re sure to get a great experience from the Ace Rewards App. Shop wisely! Who needs a crystal ball when you’ve got the Ace Rewards App? Keep tabs on your account info to know when rewards are coming!

    Easy Access to Account Information

    Easily Access Your Account Info!

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    The Ace Rewards app makes it super easy for customers to access their account information. Keep track of points, rewards, purchase history – anytime, anywhere!

    Navigating the app is a breeze – quickly find what you need without fuss. Plus, rest assured knowing security measures are in place to protect your data.

    Check your account often to never miss any rewards expiration dates and special offers. Get even more organized & turn on push notifications for reminders! Finally, get a personal shopping assistant that won’t judge – the Ace Rewards App.

    Personalized Experience

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    The Ace Rewards App gives users tailored experiences. It tracks their preferred stores, purchase history, and item preferences to give them personalized content.

    They get relevant product recommendations and deals just for them, making shopping easier. Plus, members get free delivery and priority checkout.

    Ace Hardware has over 5100 locations worldwide, making it accessible. With the App, customers can quickly locate nearby stores.

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    A 2020 Statista survey found Ace Hardware Corporation was a top North American retailer based on customer satisfaction. Get rewarded for being a loyal customer with the Ace Rewards App! It’s like having a gold star sticker—just for grownups.

    How to Use Ace Rewards App

    To use the Ace Rewards App with ease, follow these steps to download and install the app, create an account, link your Ace Rewards Card, and start earning rewards. Each sub-section in this section presents you a solution to navigate and gain benefits from the Ace Rewards App efficiently.

    Ace Rewards

    Get your $5 Bonus to use INSTANTLY* when you download the app and link your Ace Rewards account.


      Available on the App Store
      Get it on Google Play

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    Download and Install the App

    To start with Ace Rewards App, you must acquire and install it first. Here’s how:

      1. Open the App Store on your phone.

      1. Look for ‘Ace Rewards’ in the search bar.

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      1. Tap on ‘Get’ or ‘Install.’

      1. Grant permissions during installation.

    Once done, you can log into your existing account or sign up.

    Don’t forget, downloading and installing Ace Rewards App lets you access exclusive offers, rewards, and discounts.

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    Creating an account is easy-peasy – like stealing candy from a toddler!

    Create an Account

    Ready to score some Ace Rewards? Here’s how to make it happen:

      1. Head on over to the Ace Hardware website or download the Ace app.

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      1. Hit “Sign Up” and fill in your details – name, email, and phone number.

      1. Create a username and password for future use.

      1. Accept the terms, click “Create Account,” and you’re ready!

    Take advantage of all the excellent Ace Rewards benefits – like exclusive member-only promotions, instant savings, point tracking, and more. Don’t wait to grab your rewards – sign up now! Ready to cash in some points? Link up your Ace Rewards Card and start saving quickly!

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    Link Your Ace Rewards Card

    Activate your Ace Rewards Card to unlock special offers! Here’s how:

      • Go to Ace Hardware’s website or download the Ace Rewards app.

      • Create an account with your personal info and email address.

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      • Access your account and add or link your Ace Rewards Card in ‘My Profile.’

    You’ll get access to discounts, points on purchases, and promotions. This is a one-time process, and your card will forever be connected to your credentials.

    Make the most of the Ace Rewards App. Get notifications for promotions and points. Special coupons will make sure you get what you need.

    Sign up now and link your Ace Rewards Card to get amazing rewards! Unlock the benefits of loyalty with the Ace Rewards App.

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    Start Earning Rewards

    Maximize your benefits with Ace Rewards! Download the app and sign up. Buy from participating Ace Hardware stores to earn points. Redeem points for special discounts, gift cards, and more. Plus, members get exclusive coupons. Start earning rewards now! Download the app and enjoy retail therapy guilt-free – because there’s no such thing as too many points!

    Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Rewards

    To make the most out of Ace Rewards App and earn maximum rewards, you must follow some tips and tricks to optimize your experience. By choosing the right products to purchase, participating in special promotions and events, and redeeming rewards for maximum value, you can unlock the full potential of the Ace Rewards App.

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    Choosing the Right Products to Purchase

    When choosing the perfect merchandise, strategizing for the right products is vital. Here’s how:

      1. Research reward programs to find the one that suits you best.

      1. See if you get bonus points or discounts on certain items during a specific time.

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      1. Check if you get credit card rewards for shopping at certain vendors.

      1. Also, don’t forget seasonal promotions offering extra points – take advantage!

      1. Plus, don’t overlook hidden offers when selecting products.

      1. For instance, one points collector bought holiday gifts from a local office supply store, not Amazon or Walmart. Why? Research showed they’d get more credit card points and bonus cashback. It paid off – they maxed out their rewards progress during the holidays!

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    So, get ready to cash in – don’t forget to wear your lucky socks!

    Participating in Special Promotions and Events

    Maximize rewards! Spot bonus offers, attend events, and take part in surveys. Get newsletters and promotions from your reward program. Take advantage of double or triple points deals. Attend special events for extra rewards and exclusive benefits. Participate in market research surveys or feedback programs to earn points. Don’t miss out – stay alert and get the most out of your reward program membership!

    Redeeming Rewards for Maximum Value

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    Maximize your rewards’ value! Here are six tips:

      • Check the expiry date and use them before they’re gone!

      • Transfer points to travel partners for more bang for your buck.

      • Use rewards to purchase stuff you’d usually pay for.

      • Go for statement credits or cash back if travel isn’t a priority.

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      • Grab limited-time offers, promotions, and bonus points.

      • Watch out for fees and avoid extra expenses.

    Plus, some loyalty programs offer unique redemption options! Charity donations and exclusive experiences are some examples. Be sure to evaluate these based on the value before jumping in.

    For a real treat, strategize! Book travel during off-seasons or weekdays to get better deals with fewer points. Make the most of your rewards and enjoy the bonuses!

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    Troubleshooting Common Issues

    To troubleshoot common issues while using the Ace Rewards app, this section focuses on solutions for problems you may face while using the app. If you’re having trouble with account creation or login, linking your Ace Rewards Card, or earning and redeeming rewards, don’t worry. In the following subsections, we’ll dive into each problem and provide solutions to help you easily use the Ace Rewards app.

    Problems with Account Creation or Login

    Are you having trouble creating or accessing your account? It can be pretty frustrating! Let’s take a look at some typical issues related to signup and log in:

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      • Incorrect login credentials? Double-check if you’ve spelled everything correctly.

      • Account frozen? Contact customer support for help.

      • Password reset issue? Make sure you know the answer to your security question or have access to the registered email address.

    It’s a good idea to try these solutions first. If they don’t work, it’s time to get expert help, like the case of one user who emailed customer support to help reset their password. And hey, presto, they got their Ace Rewards Card back on track!

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    Issues with Linking Ace Rewards Card

    Issues Connecting Ace Rewards Membership Card? No worries!

    Ace Rewards provides benefits to customers with a membership card. Yet, sometimes they have trouble linking it to the website. These are some common reasons that may help:

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      • Wrong Login Credentials: Checking if the username and password are correct is necessary. Entering them wrongly can cause linking issues.

      • Incomplete Registration: During signup, incomplete registration can be the culprit. See if all details have been filled out.

      • Unsynchronized Data: This can happen if the membership card and account info don’t match. Updating membership info may help.

    The FAQ page has self-help options; customers can contact support for assistance.

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    Clearing browser history or cookies won’t help since the issue is rooted in server-side data.

    A report by Retail Touchpoints showed that Ace Hardware has over 5 million registered members enrolled in its rewards program – one of the most popular among hardware stores’ customers.

    Difficulty Earning or Redeeming Rewards

    Issues with the Rewards System

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    Achieving rewards and exchanging points can be tricky for a rewards system user. Here are some typical troubles and things to take into consideration:

      1. Earning Points: Ensure you join activities that qualify for points. Know what activities are eligible and how many points each gives.

      1. Redemption Choices: Redeeming points for prizes is confusing. Be aware of the different options, their values, and related fees or restrictions.

      1. Program Rules: Comprehend the program rules related to your account status, card use, and point expiry policies. Track all the vital info about point balances.

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    Record any problems you experience with the program website, mobile app, or customer service channels for future use. If the preferred reward is restricted or unavailable due to system issues, contact web support to solve it.

    Download the Ace Rewards App now because missing out on special offers is like constructing a house without nails.

    Why Ace Rewards App is a Must-Have for Ace Hardware Customers

    The Ace Rewards app is a must-have for Ace Hardware customers. It’s an indispensable tool with lots of advantages. You get exclusive discounts, tailored offers, and the ability to track your purchase history. Plus, a user-friendly interface offers seamless navigation and smooth checkout.

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    You can also locate nearby stores with GPS functionality. Plus, get helpful DIY tips and product info. It enhances the customer experience.

    Download this app, and you won’t regret it! You’ll get exceptional deals suited to your preferences and real-time updates on inventory. Don’t miss out on exclusive perks and unique offerings.


    Ace Rewards App Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Ace Rewards app?

    The Ace Rewards app is a mobile application designed to enhance the shopping experience of Ace Hardware customers by providing access to exclusive offers, promotions, and rewards.

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     How do I download the Ace Rewards app?

    The Ace Rewards app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

     How do I earn rewards with the Ace Rewards app?

    To earn rewards with the Ace Rewards app, simply scan your Ace Rewards membership card or enter your phone number at checkout. You can also earn bonus points by completing certain tasks or purchasing specific products.

     Can I access my Ace Rewards account on the app?

    Yes, the Ace Rewards app allows you to access your account information, including your rewards balance, purchase history, and personal information.

     Can I redeem rewards through the Ace Rewards app?

    Yes, you can redeem rewards through the Ace Rewards app by selecting the reward you want to use and presenting the barcode at checkout.

     Is there a cost to use the Ace Rewards app?

    No, the Ace Rewards app is completely free to download and use.

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