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Everything You Need to Know About the Big Green Egg Grill at Ace Hardware

Everything You Need to Know About the Big Green Egg Grill at Ace Hardware


If you’re exploring options for premium grilling solutions, the ace big green egg stands out not just as a grill, but as a versatile cooking device. At Lowcountry Ace, the Big Green Egg epitomizes top-tier cooking performance, merging the capabilities of a grill, oven, and smoker all in one aesthetically pleasing green ceramic shell. Known for its efficiency in retaining heat and moisture, this grill ensures that your foods remain juicy and flavorful, a feature seldom matched by other grills.

The Big Green Egg’s flexibility allows it to seamlessly adapt from searing steaks at high temperatures to smoking ribs low and slow or even baking pizzas on a stone. This versatility, coupled with a strong reputation built on advanced ceramic materials that provide superior cooking results, makes the Big Green Egg a preferable choice among culinary enthusiasts.

From a reputation standpoint, the Big Green Egg is not just another cooking appliance. It’s an investment in a lifetime of superior cooking experiences, backed by a robust warranty and unparalleled customer support from the helpful team at Lowcountry Ace.

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Why Choose the Big Green Egg from Ace?

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the ace big green egg stands out for several compelling reasons. Here’s why you should consider this top-tier grill from Lowcountry Ace:

Superior Materials

The Big Green Egg is crafted from high-quality ceramics, developed specifically to withstand high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. This material ensures excellent heat retention and durability, making the Egg a long-lasting addition to any backyard setup.

Precise Temperature Control

One of the standout features of the Big Green Egg is its exceptional temperature control. You can easily adjust the airflow using the patented airflow management system, allowing you to maintain precise temperatures ranging from 150 to 750°F. Whether you’re smoking a brisket for hours or searing steaks, control is at your fingertips.

Safer Surface Temperatures

Safety is paramount when cooking, and the Big Green Egg excels in this area too. Unlike traditional metal grills, the ceramic surface of the Egg does not get as hot, reducing the risk of burns. This feature makes it a safer choice, especially for families with curious kids.

Lifetime Warranty

Investing in a Big Green Egg from Ace is a decision you can feel confident about for years to come. Each Egg comes with a best-in-class limited lifetime warranty. This commitment from Lowcountry Ace ensures that your grilling needs are covered, giving you peace of mind along with great barbecues.

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Choosing the Big Green Egg from Ace means not only getting a superior grill but also enjoying the benefits of durable materials, advanced safety features, and a lifetime warranty. This combination ensures that your investment is protected and your cooking experiences are unparalleled. Ready to take your grilling to the next level? The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is here to guide you every step of the way.

Most Popular Big Green Egg Models at Ace

When it comes to selecting the perfect ace big green egg for your outdoor cooking needs, three models stand out due to their popularity and versatility: the Large EGG, the MiniMax EGG, and the XLarge EGG. Each of these offers unique features suitable for different grilling styles and party sizes.

Large EGG

The Large EGG is the most popular model among enthusiasts and casual grillers alike. It strikes an ideal balance between size and functionality, making it perfect for family dinners or small gatherings. With a cooking area that can handle everything from pizzas to racks of ribs, the Large EGG is versatile enough to grill, smoke, and bake all your favorite dishes.

MiniMax EGG

Compact and easy to transport, the MiniMax EGG is the go-to choice for tailgaters, campers, and those with limited outdoor space. Despite its smaller stature, it doesn’t compromise on cooking capabilities. It’s efficient, heats up quickly, and can cook several burgers or a small chicken perfectly. This model is especially favored for its portability and quick setup.

XLarge EGG

For those who entertain larger groups or are serious about their barbecuing, the XLarge EGG is the ultimate choice. Its expansive cooking surface allows for multiple cooking zones, meaning you can grill steaks on high heat while slow-roasting veggies all at the same time. It’s a powerhouse capable of handling large turkeys, several racks of ribs, or numerous pizzas, making it ideal for big family gatherings or catering events.

Each of these models is available at your local Lowcountry Ace, where you can also find expert advice on which EGG suits your lifestyle best. Whether you’re cooking for two or twenty, there’s a Big Green Egg model that fits your needs. Ready to explore these options? The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is eager to assist, ensuring you pick the perfect EGG to elevate your grilling game.

How to Use and Maintain Your Big Green Egg

Getting the most out of your Ace Big Green Egg involves understanding the basics of starting it, controlling the temperature, and keeping it clean and well-maintained. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you enjoy your grilling experience and extend the life of your grill.

Starting Your Big Green Egg

  1. Prepare the Charcoal: Use natural lump charcoal for the best results. Fill the firebox just below the fire ring.
  2. Lighting Up: Place natural fire starters in the charcoal, and light them. Avoid lighter fluids as they can affect the taste of your food.
  3. Wait: It takes about 10-15 minutes for the charcoal to light properly. Once the charcoal has a layer of ash, you’re ready to cook.

Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature is crucial for perfect cooking results:
Adjust the Airflow: Use the draft door and the dual-function metal top to manage airflow and thus control the heat. More air increases the heat, while less air cools it down.
Monitor the Temperature: Keep an eye on the built-in thermometer to ensure you’re cooking at the right temperature.

Cleaning Your Big Green Egg

  • After Cooking: Allow the EGG to cool down. The residual heat will burn off most of the grease and food particles.
  • Wiping Down: Occasionally, you might need to wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. The ceramic surface is easy to clean.
  • Ash Removal: Use the ash tool to remove accumulated ash from the bottom of the EGG.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Inspections: Check the integrity of the gasket occasionally and replace it if you notice wear and tear.
  • Keep it Covered: Use an EGG cover to protect it from the elements, especially if it’s kept outdoors.
  • Handle with Care: Although sturdy, the ceramic can crack if mishandled. Always move your EGG with caution.

By following these simple steps, your Ace Big Green Egg will be ready for whatever recipe you’re eager to tackle next, whether it’s smoking, roasting, grilling, or baking. The key to longevity is regular maintenance and careful use.

Ready to try out some new recipes or need further assistance with your Big Green Egg? The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is always ready to help, providing expert advice and all the accessories you need for your next cookout.

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Unique Cooking Experiences with the Big Green Egg

The Ace Big Green Egg offers a variety of cooking experiences that go beyond typical grilling. Here’s how you can make the most out of this versatile cooker:


The Big Green Egg excels at high-heat grilling. Perfect for steaks, burgers, and veggies, it can reach up to 750°F. The ceramic walls retain heat, ensuring a quick sear and juicy interior.


Roasting in the Big Green Egg is a delight thanks to its oven-like qualities. The heat retention and circulation are ideal for cooking large cuts of meat or whole poultry, giving you tender and flavorful results.


One of the standout features of the Big Green Egg is its ability to function as a smoker. The control over airflow and temperature allows for slow cooking over several hours, infusing smoky flavors into meats like ribs or brisket.


Yes, you can bake in a Big Green Egg! From pizzas with a crispy crust to golden-brown loaves of bread, and even desserts like pies and cookies, the heat distribution makes it a competent outdoor oven.

Indirect Cooking Method

Utilizing the indirect cooking method with the Big Green Egg opens up new culinary possibilities. By setting up the grill to cook indirectly, you can slow-roast foods without exposing them to direct flame, perfect for delicate dishes that require gentle cooking.

Each of these cooking methods benefits from the Big Green Egg’s design, which maintains consistent temperatures and prevents flare-ups. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a weekend griller, the Big Green Egg from Ace Hardware provides a unique cooking experience that enhances flavors and expands your culinary repertoire.

Ready to explore more about what you can achieve with your Big Green Egg? The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is always ready to support you with tips, tricks, and the right accessories to elevate your grilling game.

Ace Big Green Egg Accessories and Essentials

When you invest in an Ace Big Green Egg, you’re not just buying a grill; you’re stepping into a versatile cooking experience. To make the most of your Big Green Egg, there are several accessories and essentials you should consider. These tools not only enhance your grilling and cooking capabilities but also extend the lifespan and functionality of your Egg.

EGG Covers

Protect your Big Green Egg from the elements with a high-quality cover. These covers are designed to fit snugly over your Egg, shielding it from rain, dust, and sunlight. Keeping your Egg covered when not in use helps maintain its appearance and functionality.

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EGG Fuel

The right fuel can make all the difference in cooking performance. Ace Big Green Egg uses all-natural lump charcoal, which is recommended for achieving the best flavor and optimal burning temperature. This charcoal lights up quickly and burns cleaner than standard briquettes, making it a perfect match for your Egg.

EGG Sauces & Seasonings

Enhance the flavor of your dishes with a selection of sauces and seasonings specially formulated for the Big Green Egg. These products are crafted to complement the smoke and heat of charcoal cooking, adding depth and excitement to your meals.

EGG Tables and Nests

For convenience and mobility, consider adding a table or nest. These stands not only hold your Big Green Egg securely but also provide additional workspace and storage for cooking tools and ingredients. Whether you choose a compact nest or a spacious table, these accessories are essential for a streamlined cooking experience.

EGG Utensils and Tools

Invest in high-quality utensils and tools designed for the Big Green Egg. From long-handled tongs and spatulas to meat thermometers and grill brushes, these tools are built to withstand high temperatures and make your grilling more efficient and enjoyable.

EGG Components and Parts

Maintain your Big Green Egg with genuine replacement parts and components. Whether you need a new firebox, a temperature gauge, or a sealing gasket, Ace Hardware provides all the necessary parts to keep your Egg in top condition.

By equipping yourself with the right accessories and essentials from Ace Hardware, you ensure that every grilling session is as enjoyable and successful as possible. The helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is always ready to provide advice and help you select the best products for your needs.

Ready to take your Big Green Egg experience to the next level? Visit your local Lowcountry Ace for these accessories and more, and continue to explore the endless possibilities of your Big Green Egg.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ace Big Green Egg

Why are Big Green Eggs so expensive?

The Ace Big Green Egg is priced higher than some other grills due to its unique construction and versatility. It’s made from high-quality ceramic that retains heat more efficiently than metal grills, allowing it to act as a grill, oven, and smoker all in one. This durability and multipurpose use justify the initial investment, as it can outlast and outperform other cooking devices.

What is so special about the Big Green Egg?

What sets the Ace Big Green Egg apart is its exceptional temperature control, which can range from 150 to 750°F with incredible precision. This is possible due to its ceramic body and adjustable airflow controls. Its versatility allows you to sear steaks perfectly, bake bread, or slow-smoke ribs for hours. Additionally, its surface doesn’t get as hot as metal grills, making it safer to use around family and friends.

How long does a Big Green Egg last?

The Ace Big Green Egg is built to last a lifetime. Many users report their Eggs lasting for decades with proper care. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that it could very well be the last grill you ever need to buy. This longevity, combined with unmatched customer support from Ace Hardware, makes it a wise long-term investment for any cooking enthusiast.

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As you continue to explore the capabilities of your Ace Big Green Egg, the helpful team at Lowcountry Ace is always available to assist with any questions or needs you might have. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just starting out, the Big Green Egg offers a cooking experience that’s both enjoyable and rewarding.


At Lowcountry Ace, we’re more than just a store; we’re your partners in every grilling adventure you choose to embark on with your Ace Big Green Egg. Our helpful team is dedicated to providing not only quality products but also expert advice and genuine support tailored to your needs.

From the moment you consider purchasing a Big Green Egg, through every delicious meal you cook, we’re here to offer guidance, tips, and the necessary accessories to enhance your grilling experience. Our commitment to service doesn’t end with a sale. We pride ourselves on being a resource for our customers, helping you maintain and get the most out of your Big Green Egg for years to come.

For any questions about cooking techniques, maintenance tips, or selecting the right Eggcessories, reach out or visit us. Our knowledgeable staff are enthusiasts themselves, eager to share their experiences and help you make the most of your grill.

Discover why so many choose to shop with us and how we can help turn your backyard into the ultimate culinary haven. For more details on our products and services, visit our Ace Hardware page. Let us help you embrace the joy of outdoor cooking with the unparalleled versatility of the Big Green Egg.

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